Below is a sampling of the services I can offer you – all of which can be tailored to suit your exact needs:


You want your Wedding day to be memorable, and for every one of your guests to look back on it as having experienced something truly magical.  I will conjure up a sense of wonder and intrigue, delivering an entertaining blend of modern close-up Magic & head-twisting Mind Reading.  I can provide the perfect interactive experience for keeping everybody captivated throughout the day.  Capture their imagination, dazzle and create some truly unforgettable magic moments.


Afternoon Reception

The photographs are traditionally taken immediately after the ceremony. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos and this is the ideal time for me to provide some wondrous displays of magical enlightenment to keep everybody thoroughly entertained until the food is served.

Wedding Breakfast

As your guests settle down for their meal, it is inevitable that there will be people at the table that don’t know anyone they are seated with. I can help break the ice with a short show at each table and provide that initial talking point so often required to get people chatting! Performing between courses, I can conclude just prior to your speeches.

Evening Reception

After the speeches have finished and the wine is flowing a little more freely, your evening guests will be arriving for the evening reception. I can dazzle them as they appear, instantly building the atmosphere with a crescendo before the dance floor takes over.


Wedding Magician


Wedding Magician

A little magic from a professional party Magician can go a long way to enhancing the experience for your guests. Perhaps you are hosting a drinks reception, or celebrating with a birthday or anniversary party – whatever your event, I can help elevate it.


Drinks Reception

During drinks I can mingle with your guests to pique their curiosity about all things mysterious and magical and leave them smiling with a true sense of wonder and anticipating the rest of the night ahead.

Birthday / Anniversary Party

Pin the tail on the donkey is getting a little dated now – make your next party something special! I can offer the perfect mix of interactive magic – leaving your guests thoroughly entertained.

Bar / Restaurant Magic

Perhaps you run a bar or restaurant and want to add a side order of magic to your menu. I can help you elevate the experience of your customers, helping to ensure increased satisfaction and future business. Being entirely self contained I require no special facilities or performance area, and deliver a uniquely personal and memorable experience for everybody I perform for.


Party Magician


Party Magician

Hiring a Magician for a Corporate event is a fast track way to ensure that people will remember and talk about it for months after. Delivering mind-blowing magic to your guests, I can instantly create an atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and bewilderment.


Corporate Event

I can bring wonder and excitement to your staff and clients. Whether you are hosting an intimate cocktail reception or a rowdy Christmas party for the workforce, my magic will ensure your night is something people will talk about for months after. I can help break the ice at the start of the evening, keep the event upbeat by filling the gaps in the schedule and whip your guests up into the party mood!

Trade Show / Product Launch

Hiring a Magician for your trade show or product launch event is the perfect way to help you stand out from the competition. Having spent several years working within the corporate environments of both large and small scale companies, I am uniquely positioned to help you deliver a keynote message, increase brand awareness, generate new business leads or close current ones. I can also work with you to adapt and personalise my magic, ensuring a perfect fit within your brand or event theme.


Corporate Magician


Corporate Magician
Corporate Magician