Edinburgh Magician

Edinburgh Magician
Edinburgh Magician

I perform what I believe to be the most intimate and direct form of magic – close-up magic.  Using sleight-of-hand and mind-reading techniques, I will provide memorable and personal entertainment for all your guests. This form of magic has various names… strolling / table hopping / walkaround – but they all share the common theme of being highly interactive and immensely fun.
In short, I perform my magic by approaching a group of guests and engaging with them – using little more than a few basic props (cards, coins, rubber bands, borrowed items) and my finely tuned skills. This brings with it many unique advantages to you as somebody looking for maximum entertainment, with minimal inconvenience… I can slot right into your event with little re-planning.

  • I require no special stage or performance area – no special lighting or sound system. I don’t even need a power supply or batteries!
  • I will provide memorable, personal and personalised entertainment for all your guests
  • My magic is not intrusive – if a guest really do not wish to be entertained, they do not have to take part
  • I can deliver my magic to various different areas around your venue – it is not restricted to a single performance space
  • I create a wonderful atmosphere of laughter and intrigue which can be sustained for the whole evening
  • My magic can be used in places where other entertainment is not possible (for example: on planes, trains or in the middle of a field)
  • I will not get in the way of other plans you may have – such as the serving of meals, speeches or a headline band
  • Whilst magic is enjoying a resurgence through new TV shows and films, many people have still never experienced it live
  • My magic appeals to all ages and type of person – and can be dressed to suit many different occasions… from sedate to wild

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